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CALLAC is a center that meets and fulfills your needs and goals in learning foreign languages. You will get high quality learning in foreign language acquisition, literacy, and intercultural awareness. We make sure that we offer the best online Arabic course. The best online Arabic for Business, the best  online Arabic for Kids courses. Your gains in language and culture learning will exceed your expectations. In no time you will reach your goal and make substantial progress.  Please check our services page. 



How We Got Here

Center for Acquisition of Language, Literacy And Culture (CALLAC) is founded by Rajaa Aquil to bridge the language and cultural gap between the Arab world and the West. 

Rajaa Aquil the founder of CALLAC

has been infatuated by languages since childhood. Born a bilingual speaking both Turkish and Arabic as native languages made her dream to be a polyglot one day. So she sailed on a journey in the field of language acquisition, literacy and intercultural awareness for over 30 years. She taught both English and Arabic as foreign languages in several universities in the USA well as internationally. Rajaa has a PhD in Applied Linguistics from Georgetown University and a never-ending-passion to discover how languages are learned and taught. She never stops finding the best ways to improve teaching foreign languages. She always implements the latest in her methodology. 

Rajaa as embodied by CALLAC believes in bridging the cultural and the language gap between the Arab world and the West.  She believes that with the Internet the world has become a global village, yet this village is divided and separated by language and cultural boundaries. CALLAC is created as a means to bridge the gap. It is a platform that caters to the linguistic needs of both the Arab world and the West. It offers Arabic language and cultural courses to learners interested in learning Arabic. And English language and cultural courses to Arabic-speaking learners who are interested in learning English.

Rajaa teaches languages in the most engaging, interactive, rewarding and fun way. She employs the latest pedagogical methodologies as well as technology. Rajaa will always strive to make CALLAC be the ultimate source for learning foreign languages and inter-cultural awareness. Get in touch with us today to learn how CALLAC can help you.



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