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About the photo:

The summer of 2010, it's sunny yet breezy by a very gentle cool air. This is Cairo in the summer during the day and especially the evenings. The fresh breeze is emanating from the Nile River, which surrounds Cairo.  Cairo the city of the minarets and church bell towers side by side. In this picture, Rajaa Aquil the founder and director of CALLAC is with her students visiting old Cairo.

From 2010 through 2012 Rajaa was the founder and director of the Arabic study abroad, Language for Business and Technology at Georgia Tech. She developed and directed an 8-week program where her students participated in activities learning Arabic language and culture in the mornings and in the evenings visited old and modern Cairo.

The photo is at the entrance of Mosque Mohamed Ali. Rajaa is with her students exploring, discovering and integrating learning with living. This picture is evidence that the real voyage of discovery is not only seeing new landscapes and landmarks but actually in gaining new eyes and perspectives. My students recount that learning Arabic language and culture in the USA and then in this trip has been an eye opener. This is what learning a foreign/second language and culture is all about.


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