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Body language, Social norms, Language learning,Communication and Business.

Do you know that in any communication it's only 7 percent verbal and 93 percent non-verbal, i.e. body language and vocal variety? And do you know that each speech community has its own body language with its own unique culture. So, businessmen have their own body language, and businesswomen too. And therefore, Arab business men and women accordingly may have their own body language.

Intercultural awareness is vital in language learning. Some linguistic terms are culturally specific to certain speaking communities. In my blog I write posts to illustrate, analyze, and discuss similarities and differences not only in language but also in culture between the Arab world and the West. I uncover the hidden meanings of certain Arab social and cultural behavior; behavior that often lead to misunderstanding. It is extremely important to gain a deep cross cultural understanding to communicate on both personal and business levels. 

Here at CALLAC we also develop workshops and webinars specifically geared to your needs, and to raise the intercultural awareness necessary for success in business, trade, and inter-personal relations. 

The following photo gallery displays photos from my classes at Georgia Tech where I bring the real Arab world into my classroom. In my lectures I explain and carry on interactive activities and tasks in which my students not only practice the language but also learn about the cultural as well as business related nuances such as body language, dress and behavior code. This is just an example how interactive my sessions are. ​

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