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Word of Mouth

I studied advanced Arabic under Dr. Aquil at Georgia Tech. Her approach to teaching the language was very effective - we routinely discussed issues in the Arab world in Arabic, expanding our vocabulary and professional capacity with the language. She is kind and patient, and always goes out of her way to help her students do better. Her native fluency in Hejazi and Cairene dialects allows for a tailored learning experience for students. I highly recommend her!

Sophia A.

Dr. Aquil is an absolutely fabulous instructor. I had the pleasure of taking courses in both Arabic language and culture with her at Georgia Tech, and cannot stress what an incredible academic experience I had. She is extremely knowledgeable, passionate about the subject matter, patient and kind. She made learning Arabic accessible and possible to learn for someone with no previous exposure and has encouraged an intellectual curiosity in the field that has stuck with me for years.

Margaret V.

Learning Arabic with Dr. Aquil was a major highlight of my undergraduate experience. Dr. Aquil was/is one of my favorite people. Fun, smart, caring, and interested in her student’s success. After so many years, we’re still friends :)

Clayton B.

Professor Aquil went above and beyond to create a stimulating learning environment! Each class was filled with opportunities to practice speaking, listening, and reading in Arabic and I found it very helpful that she regularly connected what we were doing to the culture and everyday use of Arabic. One of the best professors I had at Georgia Tech!

Anita H.

Dr. Rajaa Aquil is an exemplary teacher of Arabic Language and Culture. I was one of her students in Arabic 101 at the Georgia Institute of Technology (GA Tech). Dr. Rajaa Aquil is very passionate about the subject matter, and very knowledgeable as well. I have been exposed to Arabic in many settings, and by far Dr. Rajaa Aquil made it the most enjoyable. She provided a unique perspective on learning Arabic, from learning popular songs to reading street signs to even popular sayings, Dr. Rajaa instilled a love of the Arabic language in my heart that I still think about to this day. I highly recommend Dr. Rajaa Aquil to anyone wanting to learn Arabic.

Najma S.

Dr. Rajaa was an exceptional professor who put in a great deal of effort to make sure that the content was tailored to each student's needs and involved various activities that made the classroom experience highly engaging and fun!

Mohamed G.

Dr. Aquil was my Arabic professor for almost 3 years and I learned a great deal from her. She is patient and is very good at adapting her pedagogical methods to meet her students needs. She knew that I had a good grasp of the grammar but was shy to speak, so she gave me strategies to combat that shyness - strategies I have carried over with me to my studies of other languages. If you are looking for a supportive teacher who will take the time to learn your strengths and weaknesses and help you make the most of them, you will not find a better teacher than Dr. Aquil.

Lisa P.

Dr. Aquil was my professor at Georgia Tech and I would highly recommend her to other students! She was very helpful, responsive, and engaging. She also supported programs such as the study abroad program in Egypt which really helped improve my Arabic greatly as well as learn more about the culture. I would definitely recommend her to other students.

Kassim A.

Dr. Rajaa Aquil is an outstanding instructor of Arabic language and culture. Her life experiences, travel and expertise all make her lessons fun, experiential and culturally enriching. I would recommend her wholeheartedly and without reservation!

Robert K.

It was my immense pleasure to have been one of her students. I gained a great deal of Arabic cultural practices, traditions, and how the language evolved and changed based on your region. She exposed us to an wide array of resources and continued educational opportunities in and outside of the classroom. I would highly recommend her for learning the Arabic language and culture.

Mohammed W.

My experience with CALLAC has been formidable. Simply said, it could not be better. My son is 8 years old and did not know one word of Arabic before having his first lesson. In fact, as a regular American kid, he did not speak any word other than English until 3 months ago. Since he started with CALLC, his vocabulary has grown significantly and so has his interest in the Arabic culture. His teacher, Rajaa Aquil, is a very competent and professional teacher who knows how to connect with a kid who is learning a foreign language for the first time. Her methodology makes it easy for a kid to connect with the new language, Arabic, and not feel intimidated. She caters to his interests and she leverages his likes and favorite topics and characters in order to keep his attention and keep him motivated to learn. My son looks forward to his weekly lesson and enjoys practicing during the week using an easy-to-use system of flashcards, custom animated short movies, and other creative study materials. I recommend CALLAC as a best-of-breed company that brings about results while providing an enjoyable learning experience for kids.

Khaled B.

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